Ankit Pandey is Varanasi based Digital Marketing Consultant with offices in Varanasi and Gurugram.
Started career in Digital Marketing in 2019 and after working with Digital Corridors (As an intern to Digital Marketing Manager) and 360 Realtors LLP Group as Social Media Consultant.

He has worked on various industries such as education, hospital, tourism and hospitality, leisure, fitness, healthcare, real estate, salon, spa, interior designers and architects and more.

He has generated an over 1,000 Leads and has helped brands in generating revenue of over 100Crore for various clients all over the world.

He has also been working on overseas projects from Dubai, Australia, Canada & New Zealand.

If you are looking for someone with whom you can discuss your idea, your vision and your dream to make it work in reality then Ankit is your guy.

Feel free to connect with him on +91 – 8303777132.

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